Newport Vineyards


John and Paul Nunes have grown their families’ vineyard to 60-acres.  Seven Star Marine was privy to working closely with the Nunes brothers and local designer Chad Detwiller during their major overhaul of Newport Vineyards' facilities.  You can find Seven Star’s craftsmanship inside 'Brix Restaurant', 'Fatulli’s Bakery & Deli’ and throughout the winery and tasting rooms.

This particular project took Seven Star outside the realm of their typical capabilities of creating classic yacht hardware and pushed them to another level - adding non-marine metal fabrication to their list trades and tricks.  The next time you drive by Newport Vineyards, take the time to gander at their craftsmanship.  From the metal signage and "Ora Bora" logo out front, to the stainless steel table tops and pass-thru's throughout Fatulli’s Bakery & Deli and Brix Restaurant or looking upwards towards the massive metal chandeliers that dawn winery’s tasting rooms.