Newport Bermuda Race 2016

The 2016 Newport Bermuda Race is fast approaching.  Do you have your sailing vessel ready to go?

Seven Star Marine is a proud supporter of the iconic 635-mile Newport to Bermuda Race which was created in 1906 by Thomas Fleming Day.  Day felt that he would be able to safely navigate a small yacht from New York to Bermuda.  And he did – winning the first ever race the year of its inception, an astounding feat that most felt would end terribly.  This year a fleet of 160-200 small sailing yachts are to complete.  The overwhelming majority of the boats competing are yachts from New England.   

  • When: Wed, Jun 15, 2016, 6:00pm  - Fri, Jun 17, 2016, 12:00pm



We love to see customers coming back, year after year.  One of our favorites is Jens Lange.

Jens Lange owns and operates Baltic Boat Works out of Newport, RI where he and his team specialize in restoration and maintenance of classic wooden yachts. Baltic Boat Works, LLC also includes the complete organization and management of the international 6 Metre campaign for the 6mR yacht LUCIE.  Lucie is the last six meter designed by Clinton Crane in 1930 and was built to the International 6 Metre Rule: Second Metre Rule. She was built in Nevin’s Yard on City Island in New York in 1931, for the noted sportsman Briggs Cunningham, and named after his first wife, Lucie Bedford Cunningham Warren.

We look forward to partnering up with Jens once more in the next month to make a few repairs.  

Photo Credit: Maaike Bernstrom Photography

'Foggy II'

Seven Star Marine was honored to work in coordination with Brooklin Boat Yard this past year on an incredible and exciting project.  We were entrusted with creating a titanium hydraulic stair system for world-famed architect Frank Gehry's dream boat - 'Foggy II.'  Recently featured in Town and Country Magazine's October 2015 issue, 'Foggy II' is an architectural feat, featuring a “show mode” and a “racing mode” to boot. 

With over 9-months and 1, 800 man hours logged we are very proud of our contribution.  

Newport Vineyards


John and Paul Nunes have grown their families’ vineyard to 60-acres.  Seven Star Marine was privy to working closely with the Nunes brothers and local designer Chad Detwiller during their major overhaul of Newport Vineyards' facilities.  You can find Seven Star’s craftsmanship inside 'Brix Restaurant', 'Fatulli’s Bakery & Deli’ and throughout the winery and tasting rooms.

This particular project took Seven Star outside the realm of their typical capabilities of creating classic yacht hardware and pushed them to another level - adding non-marine metal fabrication to their list trades and tricks.  The next time you drive by Newport Vineyards, take the time to gander at their craftsmanship.  From the metal signage and "Ora Bora" logo out front, to the stainless steel table tops and pass-thru's throughout Fatulli’s Bakery & Deli and Brix Restaurant or looking upwards towards the massive metal chandeliers that dawn winery’s tasting rooms.